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Giving Back

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We are proud to be doing a two-pronged fundraising effort this year to raise money to help rescue more dogs with:


AUGUST 8TH DONATION DAY in memory of my Mom

Cubby's MomSince my mom passed away, I donate all the money I make on her birthday to a charity I believe she would support and want to donate to.  So any money we make on AUGUST 8th (save that date for years to come as we will always be donating on this day) we are going to donate to the rescue center that rescued my oldest dog, GU.  My mom loved animals and almost every picture I have of her has one of our dogs with her (on her lap or in her arms).  We will be running a normal day, but will have someone on beach while on tour to be able to do rentals.  IF our 10am tour fills up, we will add another tour if people are interested.

(Thanksgiving 2018 – November 22nd)

On Thanksgiving this year, I will be attempting to do a EVERESTING!

EVERESTING = riding a bicycle up a designated hill in one ride gaining the elevation to match the height of Mt. EVEREST (29,029 ft or 8,848 meters).  No sleeping.  No walking up any portion (I am allowed to stop, sit, eat, use restroom, etc, but again no sleeping!).  And accomplishing on a hill no one else has accomplished goal on (nobody remembers who did it second!).

I have permission to attempt the next day Hearst Castle is closed.  Depending on where I turn around (if I go through gate at top or turn around last place road merges) it will be at least 20 laps and most likely 23!!!

I’m doing this to bring more awareness to PET ADOPTION and especially no-kill shelters.  There are dogs everywhere that can be adopted.  I would love to raise as much money as possible to help RESCUE ALLIANCE- SHORT ‘N SWEET DOG RESCUE to rescue more pups.  On average, it takes approximately $700 per dog to take care of veterinary costs and everyday needs.  $14,000 could rescue at least 20 DOGS!!!  I would love to raise even more and dream of raising $29,029 to Everest EVERESTING.

Donate Two Different Ways

Donate by Mail via PDF Form.

View/Download Mail in Form

You can print and mail the form with a check to:

Rescue Alliance
5425 Jack Creek Rd.
Templeton, CA  93465

Donate Online

Donate Online via GoFundMe

We do have a GO FUND ME Page as well for those who would like to donate on-line:

ANY money we make on DONATION DAY will be added to our total for EVERESTING HEARST.  Short ‘n Sweet Dog Rescue is Debby Sweet’s ranch and all are donations are going to that portion of RESCUE ALLIANCE…so make sure you note in memo on checks “EVERESTING”.

ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE    non-profit tax id #20-3186495

We know there are many places to donate so we appreciate you considering our fundraiser…MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

UPDATES will be posted on:


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Giving Back
Giving Back
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