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15 Best Kayak Accessories in 2023 – Cool & Useful Kayaking Gears

By: Cubby

Last updated on: November 12, 2022

If you’re a kayaker, then you know that the most crucial part of any trip is your gear. There are some must-have accessories that will help in making your time on the water more enjoyable and productive.

A kayak can be an expensive purchase, which is why it’s important to invest in high-quality equipment, so you don’t have to buy a new one every time something breaks or wears out. This article lists some of the essential kayak accessories that you should include in your shopping list.

Mentioned below are some of the best accessories that every kayaker should have in their arsenal. They will make sure that your next trip proceeds seamlessly.


Top 15 Best Kayak Accessories (2023)

Top 15 Best Kayak Accessories (2023)

1. Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

If you will be involved in any water activity, then a life vest is a must, regardless of how much of a great swimmer you are or how safely you kayak.

This paddle vest is one of the most vital kayak accessories that you should consider purchasing. It’s not only stylish, but it will help protect your body in case something goes wrong during the trip or when you fall into the water by accident.

It has been built using lightweight, heavy-duty nylon and reflective material for better visibility.

2. MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

A dry bag is another kayak accessory that every paddler should have. These waterproof bags help carry your valuables or keep them safe in case you flip over unexpectedly during a trip.

This particular dry bag is not only lightweight, but it can also float on water. It is highly durable and looks stylish.

You can find this dry bag in many sizes and colors; you can choose from them accordingly.

3. Hot Seat Kayak Seat

Hot Seat Kayak Seat

This 1.25-inch seat can make your kayaking experience much more comfortable and help you maintain your posture, as it has been made using a thermally molded foam with lycra foam lamination on the top. Utilizing its permanent adhesive on the back, you can stick it anywhere and sit on it.

4. INNO Kayak Locking Carrier

INNO Kayak Locking Carrier

INNO Kayak Locking Carrier is a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who like to go kayaking but don’t want to keep their kayak in the garage. It is very versatile as you can also carry a stand-up paddleboard, long/shortboard, and canoe on it.

It will securely fasten your kayak on the rooftop of your car or truck. The integrated key locks provide additional security and peace of mind that the carrier won’t come loose during a drive, which is a common issue with most carriers.

5. Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Hand Pump 

Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Hand Pump

Water often gets in the kayak when you are in the water, and the bilge pump comes in handy then. This device will help you offload the water from the inside of your kayak.

This manual bilge pump will do the job for you. It is neon yellow which will offer more visibility, and its ergonomic design, with a rubber over-molded handle, will help you use it comfortably for a long duration.

6. GYM TOP Waterproof Kayak Cover

GYM TOP Waterproof Kayak Cover

After returning from the trip, you should ensure that your kayak or canoe remains dry and safe from UV rays damage due to sunlight exposure. A kayak cover will prove helpful in this case.

GYM TOP Waterproof Kayak Cover will perfectly fit different types of boats. It has been designed with an elastic bungee cord. This cover also provides SPF 50+ and wind protection; along with that, it is waterproof and dustproof.

7. West System Plastic Boat Repair Kit

West System Plastic Boat Repair Kit

West System 655-K repair kit will ensure that you can repair any damage to your boat in the middle of the water.

It has everything you need, from 8.4 ounces G/flex epoxy and mixing pallets to protective gloves and reusable mixing sticks. It is an ideal kayak accessory kit for repairing your boat on the go without the trouble of visiting a local store. It is also convenient to carry as it is available in an easy-to-carry sachet.

8. Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS Navigator

If you are not a frequent kayaker, this device will help you find your way around and make sure that you return to the point where you started.

Its GPS is backed by GLONASS and HotFix support, and you can download several maps through which you will be able to use the device even without an internet connection.

This handheld device is waterproof to up to IPX7 level and has long battery life.

9. Bonnlo Kayak Carrier

Bonnlo Kayak Carrier

Inflatable and folding kayaks are easy to carry around. But what in the case of a rigid kayak? If your kayak leans on the heavier side, then it can be challenging to take it along. In this case, this carrier is going to be your savior.

Bonnlo kayak carrier has a weight capacity of 165 pounds, and it will effortlessly help you carry your yak around. Its best feature is that you can assemble and disintegrate this carrier conveniently.

10. Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor

Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor

If you want to go fishing, then you will definitely need an anchor, so that your kayak doesn’t drift away from your fishing spot. This anchor is going to help you in preventing that.

Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor comes with a carrying case, making it easy to carry around and store when not in use. Its four flukes will securely hold the ground on soft or hard bottoms of water bodies. This anchor weighs about 3 1/3 pounds and comes with a 25-foot marine-grade rope.

11. Perception Splash Tank Well Cooler

Perception Splash Tank Well Cooler

You will need this accessory if you like to keep your drinks cold for a long time.

Perception Splash Tank Well Cooler measures 5 x 18 x 11.75 inches; hence, you can store a day’s trip worth of material in it. Plus, its 3/4″ thick closed-cell foam layer provides good insulation to keep its contents cool for a long time. This cooler has been designed in such a way that it allows easy access to drinks.

12. H2o Paddle Drip Rings

H2o Paddle Drip Rings

What can be more irritating than water dripping down your arms when you row the paddle? Your solution to that is paddle drip rings by H2o.

These rings have been made using PVC (soft plastic material), and they can cover a shaft with a diameter of 28-31mm.

13. Yakgrips Paddle Grips

Yakgrips Paddle Grips

This ergonomically designed pair of paddle grips will make your rowing experience comfortable and relaxed.

Yakgrips Paddle Grips ensure that you grip the handle properly. They do not come off, which is a common issue with other regular grips. Along with the efficiency and comfort that these grips provide, they also help in preventing blisters.

If you are worried about hygiene, then there’s a piece of good news for you. These grips are washable; if you think that they have gotten sweat-dirty, then give them a light wash.

14. Kayak Paddle Leash

Kayak Paddle Leash

The kayak Paddle Leash is an ideal kayaking accessory. This leash holds tightly onto the shaft; hence it will not fall off even during a firm stroke.

This paddle leash has been constructed in a way that you can easily attach it around any paddle.

Along with this leash for the paddle, there are two other leashes for a fishing rod.

15. Lixada Kayak Canopy 

Lixada Kayak Canopy

This accessory will prove very useful if you like to go fishing in a kayak and that too during summer. It will provide protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, which can cause skin tanning and even cancer. You can also use this as an umbrella during rain or when you need to make a quick escape from the sun.

It provides a coverage of 124x63cms and only weighs 1.1 – 1.8 pounds. It is available in many colors for you to choose from.


So, these are the 15 must-have kayak accessories that will help you make your kayaking experience more comfortable. If you think there is any other accessory missing from this list, then let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading this article. Also, do share your doubts with us in the comment section. We’d be happy to help!

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